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Run Away! by DragonWolfACe
Run Away!
On January 15th, 1953, Pennsylvania Railroads Mail/Passenger train lost its breaks and crashed into Washington DC union station. It jumped the station platform and plunged through the floor of the terminal into the basement. Amazingly, no one was killed.

I have it depicted here crashing into the station just before the locomotive fell into the basement. This incident inspired the runaway scene in movie Silver Streak.

Pencil, 6 hours.
Oak Grove Crafts by DragonWolfACe
Oak Grove Crafts
Working 5 months at building Oak Grove and me drawing during break led to a few requests in that time. One was this by one of the operators we had.

All crafts are represented. Operators, iron workers, finishers, pipe fitters, laborers, electricians, painters, and carpenters.
High and Dry by DragonWolfACe
High and Dry
A 2-6-6-4 J1 articulate steam engine is crossing one of the many trestles along the Pittsburgh and West Virginias mainline as seen at Sudan, Pennsylvania. The short railroad, one of many that formed Goulds "Alphabet" Railroad, linking Chicago to the east coast, was nicknamed, "The high and dry", for its mainline running from ridge to ridge with large bridges linking the valleys it crossed. Today, the railroad survives as a part of the Wheeling and Lake Erie system.
Oak Grove by DragonWolfACe
Oak Grove
A drawing that almost ended up on shirts. I had 10 people posing a interest in a shirt if I made them...possibly more.

Sort of out of request, I did a little drawing for the place I spent 5 months of my life helping to build. Oak Grove processing plant outside of Moundsville, WV.

At its height, the job had over 100 construction workers working and given that there was no place to park, 3 buses where used to transport everyone on site. A 20 minute ride on a road that was anything but straight.

By the end of the day, it was a mad rush to get to the lot to go home. Unofficially, the two of the three drivers would race to the lot to be first. Made the ride back to our vehicles...interesting...

Confederate flag, words, and loss of free speech

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 25, 2015, 8:13 PM
Ever since the shooting in South Carolina, there has been a huge outcry for the taking down of the confederate flag but alas, to the best of my knowledge, he had no ties to the flag. He was wearing a gold gym T shirt...should we be banning that? He even burned an American flag...but I guess THAT is OKAY.

So now, all this bull over a flag that isnt directed tied to racism. And has it stopped there? Oh no, Louis Farrakhan has now called for the AMERICAN flag to be taken down because of racism. Shouldnt there be other things we should be doing over worrying about history. And if you want to start about slavery, please tell me, have the Jews bitched about 2,000 years of being enslaved by Egyptians recently. Because them bitching about that is like blacks bitching about something that ended 150 years ago. And hmm, lets pause for one second. What color was the first slave owner? Look up Anthony Johnson.

Words, like a flag, I find people CHOOSE to be offended by. You would like to see a word not exist anymore. Okay, good luck with that. Its the whole red button thing. DONT PUSH the red button...well damn...I wasnt even considering I really wanna!! Just because you dont like a word doesnt mean its going to go away. What if I find the word blue offensive? Should blue be outlawed. Say the word blue and you go directly to jail. Doesnt make much sense. Now does it.

And lets say, I call someone a jackass, does that mean EVERYONE is a jackass? No. Just because I find the word jackass offensive, should I ask someone to not say it? No. Asking a friend not to, all they will do is not say it around you...making sure they make a mental note and all. I just feel people find things to be offensive about.

Foamer is a word used by railroaders and is meant as very degrading. A foamer is a rail nut that foams at the sight of a train. So I should be offended by that. Im not. I use it myself and describe myself. I work simply like this, you think your downing me by a WORD...okay, Ill call MYSELF that. Your insults mean NOTHING to me. I was called a fag, queer, and faggot all in middle school. I did let it get to me. Today, Id just laugh at them. Maybe throw it back at them saying, "Thats not what you said last night."

I just find censoring words, ALL WORDS, as a form of mind speech and control. Because, once you let ONE word go, whats next. Like the confederate flag. You bow down and get rid of that, well, now they are calling for everything related to the South and the Civil War to be taken down. Not even mentioning the American flag. You give them an inch, they will want a mile.

Its like you cant say or do anything without OFFENDING someone. Ahh yes, theeeee BUTT HURT. Well damn dude, lube that ass up cause here it fucking comes! Jurrasic Word, did you know some Pakistans are offended by the movie. In the movie they say “The pachys are out of containment.” They where not saying Pakis...but hey...whatever.

I just feel, from flags, to words, to apparently dinosaurs, that people CHOOSE to be offended. Turn a blind eye, turn the other check brother, and let it go. Life will be easier. Not everyone thinks a like...and thats more of a good thing then bad. Now children, play nice.

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Hello my fellow deviants, my name is Matt Sell. My three major artistic interests are in my name, DragonWolfACe.
ACe...A Electro Motive Diesel, a 4,000 Horsepower SD70ACe...a train locomotive...

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